Meñakoz films is born in 2007 to give international media projects the necessary service to film the complete or part of their productions here in Spain.

We don´t only offer all a big variety of locations, but also offer executive production in Spain so your project, whatever the place it is supposed to be filmed by script, can be well produced in Spain with the best possible conditions.

Our 30 year experience in the media helps us to adapt to any range of media project, either big or small within the maximum accuracy and professionality.

Not ontly we will find the ideal filming locations for your story, but our job also consists in creating a suitable filming environment. We do this with passion and care for a well done job.

Spain, not only does it have a big tradition in international film services since the 1950´s, but it also offers a great variety of locations. In addition, in Meñakoz Films, we will not only offer the best team available in the area, but we will try to offer the complete cultural experience, it´s traditions and way of life.

Our goal is to try to be proud of what we do and we will do our besto for you to want to come back to work with us.

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