MEÑAKOZ FILMS was born in 2007 to provide a production service to Spanish audiovisual projects that want to come to Spain to shoot part or all of their productions.

We do not only sell locations, we provide an executive production service in Spain, so that your project, whatever the place of filming foreseen in the script, can be carried out in Spain, in the best possible conditions.

Our experience of more than 30 years in the audiovisual world helps us to adapt to each project, large or small, within the utmost rigor and professionalism.

In addition to looking for the ideal places for history, our work consists of creating a production in the most appropriate environment, and we do it with passion and affection for a job well done.

Spain, in addition to a great tradition of international cinema since the 50s, offers a great variety of locations, but, in MEÑAKOZ FILMS, in addition, we put the best team around you and we try to show you a complete country, its culture, its traditions, its way of life.

Our goal is to be proud of what we do and we will always try to make you want to work with us again.